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Your Hawaii Statewide Candidates
Michelle Tippens
US House Representative
District II

To find out more about Michelle Tippens, please visit or contact:

Feena Head shot.jpg
Feena Bonoan
State Senate
District 20

To find out more about Feena, please visit or contact:

Michael Last
House Representative
District 5

Mr. Last is a retired electrical engineer. Michael was employed by a large municipality tasked with analyzing the usage of electrical energy for water treatment plants and pumping stations.  Michael moved to Hawai'i over 20 years ago, residing continuously in the Ka'u district. Mr. Last  first became active as a candidate by seeking elective office; first as an Independent and then as a Libertarian in Orange County, New York and later in Hawai'i.



To find out more about Mike Last, please contact:



Jo Jorgensen
Candidate for
US President

To find out more about Dr. Jo Jorgensen, please contact:


Libertarian Party of Hawaii candidates for upcoming elections


If you don't see any candidates in the districts where you live, please visit this page to see how Libertarian candidates make a difference, and consider joining our team of Libertarian Party candidates in future elections.


You may also contact Tracy Ryan Chairperson of the LPH:

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